2011년 11월 30일 수요일

Cotton grain sack

Practicing sewing machine,
I buy cotton cloth in bulk.
The first product is a grain sack.

Its capacity is about 1 liter.
If the staple grain is packed,
it takes two days to be gone.

Its use is keeping brown rice in campsite.
I'll add some sacks for oatmeal,
coffee beans...

For maintaining the string firmly,
I put on a button in sack.

Its old-fashioned style makes me
comfortable and easy.

2011년 11월 26일 토요일

Bamboo dish

I played at beachcomber
in Jeju Island sandy beach.
I got a big black-tailed gull's feather
and a thick piece of bamboo.

The feather becomes a duster of sketchbook.
The bamboo turns into natural dish.

I varnish it with sap of the lacquer tree.
The sap takes the role of preservative.

the legs are made of the twig of juniper tree.
These glue to bamboo.
That's too simple. :)

Maybe from the gulf of Tonkin...
or from the rain forest of Okinawa...
or a fisherman's lost article in the South China Sea,
this bamboo stimulates
my imagintion on the desk top.

2011년 11월 24일 목요일

Promenade along the waterfront

I took a trip to Jeju Island with my co-workers in 21~22th November.
The climate was mild,
but the temperature of Korea proper dropped suddenly.
(all iPhone pics)

Jeju Island is the largest island in Korea.
The gross area is one-eighth Northern Ireland.
Its population is about six hundred thousand.

Because its subtropical climate,
there is a chief producing place of tangerine.

The geological strata of Jeju Island are
composed of lava.
There is a belt trail along the waterfront.
It's called 'Olleh'.

One sea bream angler enjoys the loneliness.
I envy him a few moments.

We walk on 10th Olleh course.
We've walked 7th, 10th, 12th of the 18 courses.

My pine burl kuksa
comes with this trip.

Some co-workers fish on boat
instead of walking.
We eat a la carte of Jeje Island at every meal.

The rural areas of Jeju Island are
fertile and arcadian.
Carrot, cabbage, spring onion, dairy etc.

On our way to 12th Olleh course...

I feel easier now that I have walked
around this scenic island.

2011년 11월 20일 일요일

Trifling matters on sewing machine

This machine has been left alone
for a long time.
I disassemble, clean up
and oil the wheels.
The setting is working well.

I start to practice the sewing,
straight line and round line.
It is not easy to sew exactly.

After practicing to some extent,
I challenge to the first assignment,
the pouch of solo-grill.

I don't know how to use
a overlock sewing machine yet.
So I hem this pouch with zigzag stitch.

I add paracord and ornamental button to it.
Some hand stitchs are added to
the vulnerable point of sewing.

It is not so good,
but enough of serviceable.
That will do.

2011년 11월 19일 토요일

Terrible kolrosing

(Quoted pic)

I long for having a good command of kolrosing.
I think kolrosing has simple beauty
without overpower.

(Quated pic)

Birch, basswood, aspen are ideal.
Kolrosing knife.
Coffee or cinnamon powder for coloring.
Oil finishing.

My pine burl kuksa is
the worst for kolrosing.
Course grain, rough surface
and gunk resin...

With an awl,
Sap of the lacquer tree
instead of coffee powder.

Barely straight lines are engraved.
My face turn red with shame.

Sewing studio

I get a month vacation. Wow!
I hope to master sewing skill
within this period of time.
So, I buy two used sewing machines today.

One is a old home sewing machine.
Its use is ordinary sewing.

The other is for overlock sewing.
It makes my sewing studio
to look like expert's. :)

But this machine is not trustworthy.
I don't know I will buy another machine,
in the near future.

(Quoted Pic)

Aim high!
I set my goal for DIYing
anoraks, capotes as above. :)
Wish me luck.

2011년 11월 14일 월요일

My new paddle

New paddle comes today.
I need a paddle for deep water.
Thus it has more long narrow blade.

This is Grey Owl's Chieftain oiled
62" for solo paddling.
Though a bit too lengthy,
it is satisfactory.

Its advertising description :

Chieftain Canoe paddle cherry - Our finest all-around solo paddle with a medium flex.
Made from choice black cherry with football style grip and an oval shaft.
Cambered blade with very fine edges and hidden plastic tip insert.

These paddles are distinguished by their long slender blades and overall resilience.

They are more akin to a piece of fine furniture or a musical instrument rather than a utility paddle.
They should never be used for pushing off rocks or poling on the bottom.
arved from a single piece of wood, the blades were narrow to prevent warpage,
but with a long enough area to propel the craft effectively.

The blade is scaled to the shaft and gets larger as the shaft length increases.

Generally a smaller blade area than our recreational line,
these paddles are a pleasure to use for day in, day out, all day paddling.
The longer blade limits these paddles to deeper water (2' - 3' minimum).
Though blade shapes vary in design, intended usage remains the same.
Generally speaking, larger blades are more suitable for steering,
while the smaller blades lend themselves to solo paddling
Shaft Dimensions 1.1" x 1.06"
blade length/width 58" 25.5"/5.25"
Blade area 120sq in
Plastic insert
Average weight 24oz

2011년 11월 12일 토요일

Something unsuccessful

My pine burl kuksa sucks out resin endlessly.
I have washed out it
with boiled water over 100 times.
I think 300 times to be needed. oTL

(quoted pic)

I gave my Ontario Knife's machete
to an offroad team member.
Thus I need a machete.
If possible, I want the stylish.
Barkriver Golok is an example.

In South Korea, the possession of
cold steels is anything but easy.
A pitiful copycat is shattered
by unsuitable heat treatment. oTL

There are some axe wedges
made from remnants no more than.

When things don't work out,
I take for a walk in my backyard...

...with Geumdong(=golden boy),
8 month age...

...small but faithfull fruit-bearing...

Possible bag remodeling

My first leather possible bag
came into my wife's hands.
She complained about
its bulk and weight.

I'm sick and tired of her nagging. :)
At length, I remodel it today.
Its shape copies my second diy possible bag,
but its length and depth lengthen a little.

I want she likes it.
I think it is silly
that we sling these bags together.

The rest of leather is used for
bar tape of my fixed gear bike handle.