Possible bag remodeling

My first leather possible bag
came into my wife's hands.
She complained about
its bulk and weight.

I'm sick and tired of her nagging. :)
At length, I remodel it today.
Its shape copies my second diy possible bag,
but its length and depth lengthen a little.

I want she likes it.
I think it is silly
that we sling these bags together.

The rest of leather is used for
bar tape of my fixed gear bike handle.


  1. His & hers...Nice work Manta... Problem is now, she knows she can get you to do everything she wants! :-)

  2. Thanks gentlemen! Finally, I am meant to do needleworks. oTL

  3. Hey, I'm 딸기머리 from naver blog. Is this what you want to buy my Riccar sewing machine... finally I get to know what bushcraft is...

  4. Hi,딸기머리! Sewing machine will be used frequently for making old fashioned outdoor jackets - anorak, capote etc. Leathercraft is carried out by needlework. Thanks your comment!


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