Winter tent with nice view

Coolfish, my camping friend,
had modified his dome shelter last winter.
Two transparent windows
were added to it.
As a small homemade wood stove
was loaded, it became
the perfect winter shelter.

The work of installation
was made by a tent factory
in central Seoul.

Its base tent is the copycat
of Golite's Utopia 4.
Same size, but bush color,
and full side skirt.

It has enough space for two persons.
Of course, these windows
could be closed.
Mosquito nets are included.

Pipe hole jack through the window :
Fire preventation sheet (white)
Zinc sheet (silver)
Silicone adhesives

Gazing out the window.
In cold weather,
it's not cold at all in it.

This shelter is very easy to manage,
light weight, roomy.
Though modern type, I like it.


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