Bamboo dish

I played at beachcomber
in Jeju Island sandy beach.
I got a big black-tailed gull's feather
and a thick piece of bamboo.

The feather becomes a duster of sketchbook.
The bamboo turns into natural dish.

I varnish it with sap of the lacquer tree.
The sap takes the role of preservative.

the legs are made of the twig of juniper tree.
These glue to bamboo.
That's too simple. :)

Maybe from the gulf of Tonkin...
or from the rain forest of Okinawa...
or a fisherman's lost article in the South China Sea,
this bamboo stimulates
my imagintion on the desk top.


  1. I LOVE this bamboo piece. When I was in Seoul so many years ago, I lived with and studied from an "Ink & Brush" artist. I enjoyed the long hours of discipline partly because we used simple tools like this bamboo holder. I could easily see this as a brush rest, an ink rest, or even a place to hold chips of color. I can imagine the unique bamboo sound it makes when you set something onto it. How satisfying it must be for you to create such things as this from the natural world that just washed up on the beach for you!

  2. Your words remind me, this bamboo dish
    makes me think about cause and occasion - 'karma' above most things, Penny. Myriads of waves and wind-shifts...


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