Something unsuccessful

My pine burl kuksa sucks out resin endlessly.
I have washed out it
with boiled water over 100 times.
I think 300 times to be needed. oTL

(quoted pic)

I gave my Ontario Knife's machete
to an offroad team member.
Thus I need a machete.
If possible, I want the stylish.
Barkriver Golok is an example.

In South Korea, the possession of
cold steels is anything but easy.
A pitiful copycat is shattered
by unsuitable heat treatment. oTL

There are some axe wedges
made from remnants no more than.

When things don't work out,
I take for a walk in my backyard...

...with Geumdong(=golden boy),
8 month age...

...small but faithfull fruit-bearing...


  1. If your kuksa is now dry enough. Baking it in an oven at 140 degrees F. for an hour or so should set the pitch so it won't bleed. Of course, you DO stand the chance of the kuksa cracking.

  2. I find a way! Thank you, Mr.Smythe!


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