Cotton grain sack

Practicing sewing machine,
I buy cotton cloth in bulk.
The first product is a grain sack.

Its capacity is about 1 liter.
If the staple grain is packed,
it takes two days to be gone.

Its use is keeping brown rice in campsite.
I'll add some sacks for oatmeal,
coffee beans...

For maintaining the string firmly,
I put on a button in sack.

Its old-fashioned style makes me
comfortable and easy.


  1. I like it. Something about things like this that indeed, make a man comfortable and easy as you say. Well done.

  2. You are a man of many talents Manta, I am very impressed by all the things you make.

  3. Thanks well-mannered men! I have an interest in having a broad variety of human experience till now, even though it looks a trivial.


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