My new paddle

New paddle comes today.
I need a paddle for deep water.
Thus it has more long narrow blade.

This is Grey Owl's Chieftain oiled
62" for solo paddling.
Though a bit too lengthy,
it is satisfactory.

Its advertising description :

Chieftain Canoe paddle cherry - Our finest all-around solo paddle with a medium flex.
Made from choice black cherry with football style grip and an oval shaft.
Cambered blade with very fine edges and hidden plastic tip insert.

These paddles are distinguished by their long slender blades and overall resilience.

They are more akin to a piece of fine furniture or a musical instrument rather than a utility paddle.
They should never be used for pushing off rocks or poling on the bottom.
arved from a single piece of wood, the blades were narrow to prevent warpage,
but with a long enough area to propel the craft effectively.

The blade is scaled to the shaft and gets larger as the shaft length increases.

Generally a smaller blade area than our recreational line,
these paddles are a pleasure to use for day in, day out, all day paddling.
The longer blade limits these paddles to deeper water (2' - 3' minimum).
Though blade shapes vary in design, intended usage remains the same.
Generally speaking, larger blades are more suitable for steering,
while the smaller blades lend themselves to solo paddling
Shaft Dimensions 1.1" x 1.06"
blade length/width 58" 25.5"/5.25"
Blade area 120sq in
Plastic insert
Average weight 24oz


  1. Nice fixie behind the paddle,man ! Or is it with a freewheel? anyways, single speeds rule.

  2. Thank you, buzzard!
    Hi Perkunas! That's my fixie. I gather its parts, and build through only my hands. :)


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