Terrible kolrosing

(Quoted pic)

I long for having a good command of kolrosing.
I think kolrosing has simple beauty
without overpower.

(Quated pic)

Birch, basswood, aspen are ideal.
Kolrosing knife.
Coffee or cinnamon powder for coloring.
Oil finishing.

My pine burl kuksa is
the worst for kolrosing.
Course grain, rough surface
and gunk resin...

With an awl,
Sap of the lacquer tree
instead of coffee powder.

Barely straight lines are engraved.
My face turn red with shame.


  1. My religion teaches that perfection is unachievable by mortals. Our imperfections are meant to keep us humble. I believe it's true.

  2. Merciful words! Modesty keeps me from obsessing.

  3. I think it looks great. You have inspired me to try it. Keep up the GREAT work!

  4. Thanks Norseman! Your words inspire me too. I expect your work.


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