Feeling of ease

Your encouragements and prayers
made to pass off all exams without a hitch,
lady and gentlemen!
Thank you very much.
The decision to pass or fail will be
notified in August 17.

I design a logotype in commemoration of
my country living. :)
Korean alphabets mean the sloth in Sammackol.
Sammackol is a place name of my village.


  1. Congratulations! And I love that Sloth!

  2. Great job, and nice sloth! There is a Finnish word very similar to Sammackol. It is "sammakko" and means "frog". :)

  3. Thank you, gentlemen!
    The kinship of Finnish and Korean is amusing. Sammackol means 'the valley there are three mountain huts'. Finnish linguists, Matias A. Castrn(1813∼1852) and Gustaf John Ramstedt(1873-1950) had made studies of these kinship.


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