A frame 'chige' - Korean traditional back-carrier

Literally translated as a 'back-carrier',
these simple wooden carrying frames
were originally used by farmers and workers to carry heavy loads,
but were soon adopted by United Nations troops.

Known to Americans as an 'A-frame' and to the British as a 'jiggy',
they were held by two ropes around the shoulders and armpits,
and were designed to hang the weight of the load on the shoulders
while the centre of gravity was lower on the back.
This design allowed the bearer to carry a heavy load while walking,
even on a steep gradient.

A frame remains under-utilized
by old country men in Korea.


  1. Thanks for this post; it answers my question of two posts ago. I can't be sure, but it looks as if they used natural branches for the load-bearing "scaffold arms."

  2. It is rightly said that Mr.Smythe! Natural branches are lightweight and durable.

  3. Hello, These are amazing, and yes, I have seen them before but never really thought much about them..

  4. Hi Manta, Just discovered your blog, and thoroughly enjoying it.
    I have now explored right back to the beginning. It took many pleasurable hours.
    Your Blog is like a Zen experience. Very minimal, but inspiring.
    Richard Ieian Jones

  5. Hey!Do you know what the shoulder straps are made from?

  6. Most likely braided rice straw rope.


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