The second double bit

I finished the second double bit making.
Its head has to be made to local blacksmith.
I add some grinding for shape what I wanted.

Its handle is made of the trunk of juniper tree.
I select a knotty trunk on purpose.

Its blade is sharp as knife,
and good hardening.

Someone ask me
what are double bit's practicalities.
My double bit is a symbol
that I point to the heart of forest.

Leather sheath and tassel

closer look...
sloppy hand stitchs...


  1. Very nice hand-made axe. I like the knotty handle.


  2. Practicalities : One razor sharp edge for cutting. One obtuse edge for knots and splitting.
    I still hanker after one, might have to make one too as a homage to Nessmuk. Meanwhile i will make do with my Gransfors Brucks Mini. :0)

  3. Nice axe. I like that handle too.

  4. Thank favorable comments, gentlemen!
    Richard : Thank your detailed account. I learn well. :)


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