Country cottage and camping

I go to my country cottage on weekend.
Cut timbers that were removed,
and pile up under the floor as firewood.

The slated roof will be changed...
Then this cottage shows marked progress.

I find the materials of an A-frame carrier.
It can carry maximum burden on one's back.

This cottage is the style
that 1960's poor farmers house.
I'll reproduce the original to the utmost.

Coolfish, my camping bro, arrives
by his classic Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Camp site is established on
my vegetable garden.

Two campers, Jiwoo's father and Azzi,
participate this camping too.


  1. Was the A-frame carrier used with a tumpline?

  2. Nice cottage. I think it will be great when it's finished.

    Coolfish's motorcycle is nice, too.



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