Spoon carving and kolrosing

I get some pieces of wood
from a fallen Mongolian oak tree.
It is the best wood for the spoon.

Grasp the rough shape
with carving axe.

Go into details
with carving knife and spoon knife.

Complete desired form.


Coarse kolrosing
and some oversight.
Coffee powder and linseed oil.

A bead and
a leather leash.


  1. Amazing piece of work. Keeping your cultures handicrafts alive.

  2. Great job on the spoon! I think the kolrosing is a very nice extra touch. :)

  3. For some reason, I derive a sort of spiritual refreshment when I see woodworking--either for function or art, and I consider even the functional pieces to be art. I work with people who are blind and visually impaired and one of the classes we offer is woodshop, which is always a favorite of someone who didn't think they could work with the tools and accomplish something they end up being very proud of. I especially love the simple, rustic charm of your carved pieces.


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