Go back to the countryside

I have an earnest yearning for forest life.
So I decide to return my area of childhood.
There is a big lake 'Soyangho'
at the front of my cottage.

The boat slips is 200m down from my cottage.
I will go away for three nights and four days canoe trip.

This is my cottage, deserted for five years.
Walnut, apricot, apple, chestnut, ginkgo...
many fruit trees are around here.

Room heating is run by firewood.
Korean traditional floor heater 'ondol'

Everything is under repair. :)
Fortunately, the electric current
and the water supply have suvived.

Because of repairing with my own hands,
it will be slow in progress.


  1. Ah, very reminiscent of my visits to the Korean countryside so many years ago. My heart travels there with you!


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