Wooden Iphone dock

At nightfall,
I whittle the maple wood
into an oval shape.

And I groove the phone's seat.
There is room enough for speaker sound.

The phone slopes its back slightly.
This phone is fairly smart,
but is short of nature.

On my desk...


  1. Very nice! I like that. Nicely spalted piece of wood.

  2. Neat! I noted the spalting, too.

    BTW, please consider moderating instead of using Word verifcation if possible.

  3. It's nice to see you, Mr.Joel! I set not to use Word verification. Thank you, Mr.Smythe!

  4. This looks great! I love to see your woodworking.

  5. I keep waiting to see what new ingenious little invention you come up with next! It's obvious that you really enjoy it, too!

  6. Thank your comment, Antonio!
    Penny, your pressure adds an agreeable stress to me. :)


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