A steamer for Zebra pot

I buy a stainless steel mesh ladle
at one dollar shop,
because it is suitable for
making a steamer
that is inserted to Zebra pot.
... Cutting...shaping... welding...

For managing my blood pressure,
I try to avoid high fat and calories food.
I become accustomed to
uncooked or steamed food.

Testing its function,
two steamed breads with sweet bean
are steamed.

Breads are well done
in a briefer time.

Glutinous, mellow and delicious...
I'll rest from hard work within a few days.
Then I'll use it in the open air.


  1. I'm constantly amazed by your craftsmanship.

  2. I found your blog unexpectly. How have you been? I've tried to meet you, but I couldn't... I always feel sorry about it and thank your teaching. After I get a job, I'll visit you definitely! almost 9 years not to see you. - your student Haebareun

  3. Your words have encouraged me, Mr.Smythe!
    I haven't seen you for a long time, Harry. Looking back on those days, I remember it as well if it had happened yesterday. I would like to see you some time. :)


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