Smaller Whelen's

(Quoted pic :

I love to sleep in the open air near a fire.
It is possible to realize with Whelen's lean-to.
I determine to make a mine.

I think Mr.Whelen was a big man.
The original size is too big to me.
I reduce the scale with a paper model.
The ratio of awning is reduced, too.

I am grappling with a heap of cotton fabric.
It takes two whole days to finish this work.

Detail 1 : eyelets reinforced

Detail 2 : leather awning strings

Detail 3 : total weight 
1420g (3.13 lb)

Field installation :
There are lack of place its backside.
The ground sheet is 220cm long.

Its height is 140cm.
8 Velcros are installed for aluminum foil.
A lantern hanger...
Wax coating for waterproof...

It is cozy size to one person.
I'm contented with it.

My props look more ease in this shelter.


  1. Now this is very nice bit of kit Manta! I have always liked this model and I had one some years ago, but nowhere near as well made as yours,it was just too big and made of synthetic fabric that was too floppy. Dont'forget to show some pictures of it in use.

  2. VERY nice! You're certainly making good use of that sawing machine.

  3. Very nicely done, Great craftsmanship. Look forward to all your bushcraft projects.

  4. Now, that is a really good job. and took you only 2 days to make this. amazing!

  5. Great job on the tent! This type of shelter is so versatile and useful. Very bushcrafty! ;)

  6. Hi there,

    I really like your homemade Whelan, would you sell one to me? I am from Malaysia.


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