Folding grill

Looking Bushtramp's post in BCUSA,
I am aware of its serviceabilty.
Thus I make a mine.

It is made of 2mm thick stainless steel band.
Height : 150mm
Length : 200mm
Width : 12mm

Field test
There are embossings at each bend
for strength.

My canteen cup lid
is working well still.

The merit of this folding grill
is the absence of being.
So fire is more visible.

Waiting the meal,
I sharpen my edge tools
with new diamond file.


  1. 정재식선생님 블로그 잘보고갑니다~

  2. Thanks Mr.Smythe!
    재우야 반갑구나. 자주 들러라. 소식도 남기구.^^


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