Another wooden bowl

I get some Agathis(=Kauri) wood pieces
from my club member.
Agathis wood is very soft,
so it is easy to carve with this wood.

I hollow out with spoon knife and mallet.
Being too seasoned,
it is not shaved but crushed.

Permeating linseed oil into wood,
I carve the basic form of bowl.
Its diameter : 13-15cm
Its weight : 120g

A leash and wooden beads are installed.
I engrave a Chinese character on handle,
a bird drawing on bottom.

The Chinese character '誠'
means the wholeheart,
sincerity, eagerness...

The bird drawing is originated
from the birth myth of Korean nation.
'Sam-Jok-Oh' is a big black bird
that has three legs
and inhabits the sun.

This bird symbolize the bright future
ahead of people.
But, this drawing is very poorly engraved.


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