Waxing bedroll

I enjoy sleeping in the open
with my homemade bedroll.
Like Nessmuk, I start to feel stuffy
in the four sides.

My bedroll is made up of
canvas cover, foil sheet bottom,
Thermarest air mat,
Mont-bell goose-down sleeping bag.

For frequent use,
bedroll's waterproofing declines.
There is limitation of waterproofing
by water-repellant on the market.
I decide to wax it,
and make some wax cakes.

The size of wax cake is important.
It should be at ease in rubbing.
3" x 2" about right.

Rubbing at rough skin,
fragments should be eliminated.

Testing with a similar cloth.
The optimum strength and direction
will be found.

An ironing board and a hair drier
are in needed.
An ironing board gives full facility
for rubbing in every inch of bedroll.

I wax more
to every joints or breaks,
and then, I melt wax thoroughly
with a hair drier.

Waterproofing test : PASS
I think I can sleep in the midst of rain
with this bedroll only.


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