Kolrosing knife

(Quoted pic)

I want to become skillful in kolrosing.
Kolrosing has its technical knife.
Knife-making seems to be
not difficult.

I get a round steel bar
that is made with High Speed Steel(HSS).
I sharpen this blade on the grinder.

I shave its handle off ash tree.
I lacquer it with the sap of lacquer tree
as usual.

Its blade is very sharp.
After trying out,
I'll improve its efficiency.

I make a mini worktable
and kolrosing knife sheath. :)

A small article will be
sculpted on this.


  1. There used to be an old gentleman who lived across the road from me who I found fascinating. Nearly anything he wanted, he simply made. You remind me of him (except for the age part).

  2. I think your words as the best praise for me. I wish to become the old gentleman. Thank you!


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