An eco-bag for warming up

I've exercised sewing machines
for new wool anorak.
But, I am not good enough
at skill even now.
And I don't get suitable material.

As warming-up for making an anorak,
I make an eco-bag with cotten cloth.
I used a paper pattern for the first time.

This bag is so simple that is composed of four parts,
but some skills that are fundamental
in clothes building are included.

Sewing stitch is steggering,
but it assumes the form of bag. :)

I dye it with Bordeaux wine color.
I have no another color 'Dyron'.

I add a small pouch that stuffs the bag into it.
Getting Itallian army wool blanket,
I take steps toward making new anorak.

My readings and DIY leather wallet.
I start to read Wendell Berry's book,
<Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food>


  1. You really did a great job with the bag. I love the color too!

  2. Good job on the bag. You'll like Berry's writing.

  3. Thank you, becky, Mr.Smythe! Merry Christmas!


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