Camping and paddling in early winter

I went away for the weekend in 3th-4th Dec.
My destination was a reservoir for agricultural water.
Won-nam reservoir is 120km away from my house.

My package :
Bushcraft backpack,
Walking stick,
Bed roll...

My camping buddies, Coolfish and
Jiwoo's father, had paddled
around the reservoir.

We prepared dinner around a bonfire.
Our dinner is a kind of potluck usually.

The whole personnel was six.
Our talks were past midnight.

The moring glow.
The weather became warmer.

But the temperature went down
below freezing last night.

Our camp :
Four man slep in the open,
two in the shelter.

I was gone 'good morning paddling'
Paddling in a day like that 
lifts my spirits.

While buddies were paddling,
I walked about 12km with big strides
around the reservoir.


  1. Very nice, the area looks beautiful. Very enjoyable trip.

  2. It appears you were in good country and with good company.


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