Paddling and camping at Hongcheongang river

The headache keep me delaying
my departure.
I arrive in Hongcheongang river
at five.

Autumn river is quiet,
my headache will get well.

Two friends, Coolfish and Jiwoo's father,
had arrived already around Baebawi,
they had built camp.

Night falls...
Bread is baked in
Coolfish's diy folding oven.

Bread and coffee...
I stave off my hunger with these.

We sleep in the open,
with bedrolls that are made separate way.

Good morning paddling...
I add more tumble home in my canoe.
It improve its speed.

Left : our camp
Right : Baebawi, some campers
encamp around there.

Trees put on autumnal tints.
These make me aware of Paradise.

The front view of Beabawi.
Beabawi means 'rock in ship shape'

A narrow trail is broken
from here to nearby village.

This river side trail is
about 2km.

I give wild chrysanthemum tea
as a present to two friends.
They give a favorable comment
upon its taste.

Jiwoo's father prunes
a tree for walking stick
with his Thor.

Three Old Town's Pack canoes
gather for the first time.


  1. Lovely photos of a lovely river. Thank you for sharing them with us all.

  2. It looks like good times with good friends.


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