My next challange

On last Monday,
I bought some weaving material
at shopping mall in central Seoul.

I will immerse myself in weaving
during the winter vacation.
Inkle loom, weaving cards,
shuttle, cotton threads etc.

Weaving cards and shuttle...
Showy pattern trim, belt...

I add some felt for hat.
I'll make my felt outdoor hat. :)

I make a pickup stick
for inkle loom with oak wood.

(Quoted photo)

I'll have a nice hat like that.
I want to familiarize myself with
low techs of the world.
It will improve my understanding
about thing and life.


  1. This, I am very interested in how it comming up! and that inkle loom, it is very different than what I know. i cannot even guess how it works...

  2. I'm worried sick about I'm going to weave. :)

  3. Don’t worry; based on your previous work on different crafts, I am sure you will come up with something nice!


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