Early autumn canoeing & camping

2-3th October.
First canoe camping after completing
the carrying vehicle.

100km far from my house.
There is the lake of Chuncheon.

Coolfish and I
set sail as soon as arriving at Shinpo.

We arrive at camping site
close to lakeside,
4km far from Shinpo.

There is filled with the fragrance
of water, tree, small critters.

Unloading my cargo :
Backpack filled with bedcloths and overcoat
Water pouch

Opening my wannigan.
It is completely packed with
cooking utensils and food.

Tea time.
Coffee and finger foods
and meditation looking at the lake

After the brunch,
I paddle to the oppsite bank.
There is a trail close to the lake.
I stroll along the trail.

The temperature fell down around evening.
We make a stone fire pot.

Dinner menu are spaghetti and lamen.
I gave up drinking in the meantime, you know?

The following day's dawn...
Wet fog sets in.

Good morning paddling.
The lake landscape is dreamlike.

Breakfast makings.
Egg fry
Boiled 'Nurungji', crust of overcooked rice
dried laver

Sailing back to Shinpo.
Everything reflects off the still water.

Liminoid :
Like the salmon,
boat has homing instict.

I'll modify my canoe,
more tumblehome.


  1. This is fantastic! Outstanding and beautiful place!

  2. Hi, American Grouch. You are my favorite writer. Thank you.
    Mr.Smythe, There is only 30 kilometers away from the DMZ, but very peaceful. :)


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