New leather possible bag

I've been swamped with heavy workload.
After a long interval, I make a new
leather possible bag for a holiday.

I use recycled sofa leather.
For breaking monotony,
I add a dark brown color stitch.

And, its front and sides turn
leather inside out,
so it looks suede.

It assumes the form of bag.
A water buffalo's horn button
is added.

It takes five hours.

The cover is decorated

A4 size

It has three inner pocket.
Its folksy style suit me.


  1. My wife robbed me of this bag! ^^

  2. "My wife robbed me of this bag!"

    That's funny! My wife also robbed me of 2 bags recently... one leather bag I made a couple of years ago for myself, and another one I bought from a charity shop to recycle the brass hardware! We can't trust our wives with bags!

  3. Your job reachs the state of art, Mr Joel!
    But, my job is a sham. I want to cultivate my ability in leather craft.


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