Ash burl & fat wood

The late summer heat is much worse than usual.
Going to my private natural bathtub
near my place of work, I find
a ash tree's burl.

It is smaller than I want.
But it is suitable to small kuksa.

It is as hard as a rock,
I saw away over ten minutes.
I'm a bit concerned about grubbing up it.

The grain of wood...
not splendid...

(quoted pic)

This will transform to the like of above kuksa.
It will be a time-consuming job.

I make some fat woods for winter camping :
oak chunk,
linseed oil (90%),
turpentine oil (10%)


  1. The kuksas turned out great. The grain is beautiful!

  2. It wouldn't do at all with my skill. :) My works are some piece of junk.

  3. I'm going to have to try making some of that fatwood. How long do you soak it for? Any chance you could do a more detailed blog post on making and using the fatwood? Love your blog by the way!

  4. Hi, Norseman. I'm sorry for being late. I make two type fat wood. The one is a substitute of tinder, this is wax coating fine wood. The other is the ignition material of firewood, this is oil soaking oak wood. The former is made instantly, the latter is soaked for 100 days. The period of 100 days means 'completion' in my country. :)


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