Typhoon alert

The typhoon is approaching north.
It struck the south coast
of Korean Peninsula aleady.
It's very windy here.

For strong wind, the heat
has let up quite a bit.
My wife and me stroll
along the valley near my house,
with two puppies.

My package :
home made possible bag
with dog lead

Puppies are in high spirits
in the wood.

We head for Peacock pass
that is the lowest point
of the ridge.

We reach our destination
with no difficulty.

Puppies badger for boiled eggs.
Only at a time this,
they are well-behaved. :)

Descending the hill,
they go play in a stream.


  1. It looks like you had a nice outing. I'll pray for you and your country, concerning the typhoons.

  2. Thank you, gentlemen! Damage caused by the typhoon was much less than feared.


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