Mini Wannigan

I want to have a wannigan, or chuck box,
for canoe camping.
I make it with two small and worn
wine boxes.

The type of handle, banding has
me worried for somedays.
To the last, I use Velcro
and snapper.

Open the box.
There is no partition.
It's mini!

The contents of the box :
Round handle cooker,
Kettle and mug,
Airtight container(x4)
Alcohol stove and pouch,
Nomad stove and pouch,
Frying pan,
Egg carrior,
Fire starter kit and pouch,
Transia feul bottle,
Spoon set,
Cutting sheet.

The lid of box is used for mini table.
I make a pouch for Transia alcohol stove.

I like this stove.
It has adaptability.

All systems go!
Let's hit the water.

My house suffers from floods.
I don't have the time to go trip now.


  1. Very impressive work! If your house suffers from floods, maybe you should sleep in your canoe!

  2. Very nice work Manta! That's a clever idea. Now, where can I find a box such as this...:-)

  3. Nice job on the kitchen. Sounds like you should leave it where it is, in the canoe.

  4. Jaesik. I really like what you have created. Very Nice. Can you please tell me what are the dimensions of your finished cook box. Much appreciated.


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