Longing for winter camping

It keeps on hot and humid weather.
I have a craving for winter camping.
Last winter, I started the winter camping
with due formality. :)

It was possible for the canvas tent
and small wood stove
that I made.

The stove became red-hot.
It delivered heat
every nook and corner.

A friend drop around my camping site.
He felt all cozy in my tent,
as it was biting cold outside.

I served him some cooking
capelin and clam meat
with refined rice wine 'Sake'.

I became drunk.
Heat and alcohol made
a synergism.

The jack hole for stove chimney.

Its detail :
Fire prevention sheet,
Cover with Velcro,
One button

I miss winter camping...
its coldness and dryness.


  1. I like your set up Manta. I am planning to make a stove, out of a small gas bottle soon, for our tent so we can also use it when its cold. If you don't mind I think I might copy your fire prevention sheet for my tent, it looks simple and effective.

  2. Nice work Manta, I will be working on a tent stove in the near future to go with my new tipi, very inspirational

  3. Nice set-up! Better watch the heat and the Sake, though, you don't want to burn your tent down! ;-)

  4. Very Nice...maybe I'll get to do some camping and hiking there too!!! =)


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