A day bag composition

This is my commute bag in these days.
US claymore mine bag is used as base.
This idea originates from Corso in BCUSA.

I add a thick canvas compartment
on the back for more storage space,
and keeping its shape.

Victorynox trailmaster multi-tool
is hung from the strap.
This tool get into the back pocket
at ordinary times.

I add some Velcro
to front two pockets, a keychain.

All the componets are here;
Oval canteen cup and lid
Primus oval water bottle (400ml)
Solid fuel and stove
Paracord (1m)
Two nylon pouches (for stove and purse)
Disposable lighter
Victorynox Trailmaster multi-tool
Compass and thermometer
Photon Freedom Micro light
Notebook and pen
Leather pouch

Minimal cooking set,
included in this day bag.


  1. Thanks your comment! I'm happy to hear that spring has come in southern hemisphere. :)


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