Life jacket remodeling

The life jackets that I prefer
are extremely expensive.
There is no that catchs my fancy
and is cheap.. ?

I buy a cheap stuff $7,
for remodeling it.

I have a M65 desert jacket
I don't like to wear,
but like its color and pattern.

A cheap life vest and combat jacket
combine to transform nice life jacket. :)

A loud whistle is installed.
I make this vest
by a laundryman's sewing machine.

Because its webbings are sewn at lining,
it won't be identify as life jacket. :)
Is it getting better?


  1. much better. nice job tailoring.

  2. Wow...tailoring, too? You're somewhat of a "Renaissance man." But I guess, that's pretty much what bushcrafting and similar pursuits are all about. Nice work on the jacket.

  3. Thank your compliment! Bushcraft has many-sided interests. :)


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