First wooden mug

I can't take the wait.
Thus I don't enjoy woodwork of myself.
But I find a chunk of wild cherry tree
that is well seasoned.

I hesitate to decide what I make.
Finally, big mug cup is a decision.

Because I have a pain in my wrist,
the mug must be simple or minimal.

It's more of a prototype...
I add a leash on the handle,
but its shape isn't satisfactory.

For lighter weight,
its bottom is scraped out.

Leaking test : passed
I decorate a sheep's backbone
that have got during my travels
in Mongolia.

I change the shape of its handle,
color with coffee powder,
and coat with linseed-turpentine
oil mix.

After the coating is set,
I wash out the rest of oil
with boiled water.

Jasmin tea emits a subtle scent.

Final shape:
To some degree,
I am content with it.

A little long-headed grasshopper
drops in this mug
for his/her congratulations.

He/She nibbles away leash greedily.:)
More natural... it will be.


  1. I really like it, I'm really looking forward to reading more about bushcrafting in your country.

  2. Re-Hi, Mr.Phillip, Buzzard!
    Welcome BCB!

  3. I would certainly treasure this mug! It impresses me all the more that you did this even though you said you don't really enjoy doing woodwork. I'm looking forward to more of your creations.


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