Changing the seat position of canoe

It's been raining
for twenty consecutive days.
I don't go out of doors, stick to house.

In the meantime, I change
the seat position of my canoe;
1.7 inch downward.

In local shops, I don't get
the bolt so much long.
Thus I weld original bolt
to another small stainless bolt.

The bolts extended are strong
as much as original,
by stainless MIG welding.

The rainy season is nearly over.
It is exceptionally rainy this summer.
I'll be there as soon as possible. :)


  1. Many old canoes had a light floor in them and the canoist would kneel and then sit on his feet, thus lowering the center of gravity and making the canoe more stable. Your project accomplishes part of that. Wise move!

  2. I'm a beginner for canoe. Give me some advice. Thank you, Mr.Smythe.


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