Camping in the downpour

Last Saterday, I joined
the camp of the district.
Coolfish, the advance unit member,
completed the arrangements.

I set up my shelter in a hurry.
Raindrops fell on the forest at intervals.

The rest of members were
arriving one after another.

Coolfish's minimal cook set.
Homemade kuksa and spoon,
Canteen cup and diy lid,
Trangia alcohol stove and
diy pot stand.

Jiwoo's father showed
new diy kuksa and
big spoon.

As the night goes on,
we had a talk,
enjoyed drinking. :)

Kelly kettle supplied
our mug with hot water easily.
It is 500ml stainless kettle.

My cheapest kettle vs
exorbitant price MSR titan kettle

From 3 AM, it rained heavily.
Jiwoo's father site was flooded.

I leaned back and
was blankly looking raindrops.
We had to turn back early,
because the brook had risen rapidly.


  1. Bad day, good companions I wager, though.

  2. Pity about the weather otherwise it looked like a good trip.

  3. Because my wife's climacteric changes, I go out after a long interval.


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