A walking path in forest

In the evening,
my wife and me take a walk
through the path in nearby forest.

This walking path was
recovered by me in last year,
that got ruined for long time.

My private camp site lies
halfway of the path.
A bird twitters as
"Here is my territory."

Because of the shade area,
plants come late to flower.
Wild rosebushs are in
full bloom.

Its flowers are pretty,
but wild rosebush is suppressed
for preventing the over-spread.
Arrowroot, wild berries too.

In the middle of path,
some fallen trees took to pieces by me.
By pouring rains in last summer
and heavy snowfall in last winter,
there are many fallen trees
in the forest.

The end of path...
There is a spring
that is the source of
small stream.

The sun sets through chestnut trees.
Thanks wonderful planet and sun.

An iris adds this path
to the feeling of fulfillment.

Returning home
under a dogwood.

My new knife is a main tool
that prunes and chops.


  1. I think that my wife has a menopausal disorder. Thus I am close by her all the time.

  2. Because you like the forest - http://miculmester.blogspot.com/
    It's about nature and wood carving.

  3. Hi, micul mester! Your activities are wonderful.
    I'll be a frequent visitor. :)


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