New small kettle rebuilding

I bought two cheap stuffs
under $3 at discount house.
I'll rebuild these
as nice camping stuffs. :)

I remove the fixed handle of kettle,
and attach a folding handle to it,
that was separated from
old camping cooker.

I test its effectiveness
as a my main camping kettle,
near by my vegetable garden.

Weight : 158g
Capacity : 1 liter
Merit : stacking several bowls in it
Shortcoming : low-grade material

I make pine needle tea.
US canteen cup's capacity is 650cc.
New small kettle is
more suitable to my use.


  1. You do excellent work with metal, I notice. It also appears to work very well.

  2. Fortunatly, my home is located at a close range with factories of metal processing. Laser cutting, welding, lathe works... I leave these to factories.


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