I got a Old Town Pack canoe

At last, the canoe has come. :)
I ordered it in early April.
In three months, it has arrived yesterday
from half the globe away.

These are well wrapped.
Though these are single seater,
but have big built.

Coolfish, who had ordered together,
unpacks wrapping paper.

The paddle is 58"
Canadian Grey Owl.

Make a toast to our boat!
Chinese draft beer is unusual delicious. :)

Its specifications.
It goes well.

I keep these in the warehouse.
After this rainy season,
I'll go to lake or river.


  1. I always liked canoes. You will enjoy it.

  2. Don't forget the pictures when you use them for the first time!!

  3. In South Korea, conoeing is not a common sight. Thank you!

  4. Nice canoes Manta - I have bookmarked your blog and will read more as time permits. I love my Old Town Pack canoe named "Pup".


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