The sheath of a japanese knife making

May 8 is the Parent's Day in South Korea.
 Under the tarp, I make a sheath
that I have put off.

I've put more work into it,
because it is made for
the knife of a friend.

This knife was produced by Hattori,
japanese brand that got known
as an expert at Damascus steel.
Its traditional japanese wooden sheath
is unhandy to carry about.

Simple, lightweight, recycled. :)
This leather comes out from
a dumping sofa.

I add two rivet for a safety device.
Two snap buttons hold the knife tightly.

The thicker leather is, the better it will be.
But I have no leather thicker than this.


  1. The two rivets should help make up for the leather not being as thick as you'd like. Good job!


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