Remodeling Swiss ranger volcano stove

There was an incidence on last Monday.
I boiled water with swiss volcano stove set,
on the way of tracking.
The bottle dropped on solid fuel,
Firing fuel spattered my pants.
There were some holes.

Swiss volcano's complicated handle
is hard to understand to me.
Funtionality, balance, weight, even aesthetic...
It is a troublemaker.
Thus I make up my mind to remodel it. :)
Remove its handle,
add two small holes,
make two little fire grates.

Installing grates to stove,
it scures the sense of stability
on the management of fire.

I make a cup lid(unfinished)
and a leather strap.

Full packed kit image

A pocket for fire grates
is installed to the side of strap.

I'll enjoy this kit more.
Capacity, efficiency, compactness...
it can compare with Kelly kettle.

With a tealight, it supplies hot water
all day long.


  1. Wow! Now, that is a clever modification you have done! It's a pity I gave mine away! I would have followed your example and done the same. Well thought out and done.

  2. The price of 1 liter Kelly kettle imports, including accessories, is 153USD(=93.4UKP) in South Korea. Swiss volcano stove kit is about 28USD(=17UKP). Weight 1.4kg : 0.47kg(my kit).


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