A Knife for handling roughly

There comes a lull.
In the meantime, I have made
a forged steel knife.

Total length : 255mm
Blade length : 125mm
Max blade width : 35mm
Blade thickness : 3.5-5mm
Total weight : 220g

I want to have a knife
that is handled roughly,
more soft steel, thus
I will sharpen it on a whetstone

My main force is a Fallkniven F1.
I am content to control it generally.
But I need to fill up the sense of tough. :)

By a process of blade test, I've got
hurt in the eye.
It is not terrible, but it disturbs posting.
I'll wear protective goggle
from now on.

Recently, botanical illustrations attract
my attention.
I'll have to strive for my works. :)


  1. Very nicely done... hope you can show it in use soon.



  2. That looks like a good, servicable knife. I prefer softer steel than most guys, myself. Hope your eye heals quickly.

  3. Nice knife, good pictures. I hope your eye heals well.


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