Home made anorak

May 5 is Children's Day in Korea.
I make an end of the farmwork
on this day.

My walking stick has
been much progress in the meantime.

I wanted to make my own anorak
all winter long.
I had a UK army wool blanket
that was not used frequently.

The pattern of anorak was got from BCUSA.
Making is delayed for that
I have no sewing machine.

I succeeded in persuading
a laundry's wife to sew. :)
Hood is out of proportion to clothes...
Compensating this defect, it will be
a pleasing result.

Excepting for 5-8 days tropical nights,
most night is cold in Korea.
I think anorak has plenty of uses.


  1. good work on anorak. it just made me want to make one for myself. And your walking stick looking good too!

  2. Looks good!

    And very practical too...



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