Foraging among the forest

I take part in the line for
gathering wild greens,
that is composed of
my wife's peasant band friends.

There's an abundance of wild
edible greens on the Yeolmi valley,
8km away from my house.

Lunch : pork with wild greens,
beer and korean rice wine.

My new knife works normally.
It serves as a machete in this case.

I gather some pine needles,
and make tea.

Practice! Practice!
Botanical illustration is my next target. :)
But it is not easy to my ability.


  1. It appears you had a good day. And you art is much better than mine, so keep practicing and you'll be a professional before you know it.

  2. 가끔 블로그에 들러봅니다만, 여전히 재미있게 지내시는군요. 저는 집사람이 다리를 다치는바람에 한동안은 꼼짝말고 집에서 지낼 모양입니다. 덕분에 쿡사컵만 괴롭히고있네요.^^
    주말에 시간나면 차 한잔 얻어마시러 놀러가겠습니다.^ㅇ^


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