Cow horn spoon & chopsticks

An acquaintance sent me several cow horns.
Korean cow's horn is small relatively.
I dried these and hollowed out.

Today, I cut a horn with a hacksaw,
and make a spoon and chopstick.
Sanding it, I smell hair burning.

With butane gas blowtorch,
I straighten or bend these.
For deodorizing,
I immerse these in vinegar.

Another minimal cook set
is composed. :)

I'll improve these design more.


  1. Yes, the odor of horn is as bad as bone when you work it! :-)

  2. Very nice! I found your blog from a comment you made on Buzzard's. I'm enjoying your posts very much.
    Jenny in Alaska

  3. I'm always grateful for your comments, Buzzard, Mr Smythe!
    Hi Jenny! I see your wonderful posts.
    Those tell me your strong longing for freedom.


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