Wild garlic pickles

Gather wild garlic leaves with cladophyll
before growing up flower stalk.
Wash and remove moisture.

1. Make the soup that soaks seasoning to
wild garlic leaves.
Its amount is sufficient to be submerged
the leaves by a narrow margin.

Originally korean or japanese soysauce
is needed, but it can be changed
salt water and some herbs, fruits:
basil, rosemary, apple etc.
even some spirit.
Being a little salty, it is nice.

2. vinegar (optional)

3. sugar

4. water

Put together 1-4.
Boil until being suitable flavor.

Let hot soup cool.
Pour the soup into the leaves.

Weigh down the leaves
for being sunken for 3 days.
Drain the soup.
Taste the soup, add some season if needed.
For dehydrating, boil the soup once more.
Pour the soup into the leaves.

After that, it can be edible.
The translucent leaves prove
it fermented well.


Because my broken english,
I worry about it is hard to understand. :)


  1. Nice little tutorial... I will have to try this next time I go to the markets.

    Don't worry about your English, it is easy to follow, it's better than most of my students... ;) (Trust me, I teach English as a Second Language in Asia at the moment)




  2. Your qualifing encourages me in posting my hardest. :) Wild garlic is expensive in Korea, because it is cultivated only in Ulleungdo. But, korean think wild garlic pickles to match well a meat dish.

  3. Thanks very much for that recipe Manta, I will have to give it a try


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