Two mountain ridge tracking

(All iPhone4's photo)

Sunday morning opens our tracking
of two mountain ridge.
It is far 12km from my house.

There are the biggest monstrous pylons,
for 765,000 voltage.


The lower part of pylon.
Electricity dos'nt connected to
this grid yet.

Two friends, my wife and me
should go over the ridge.
Fortunately, an intermitted rain
is stopped.


Catkins of willow comes
into full bloom.
It was exceptionally cold
last winter.

I discovered the root of azalea
that rooted up before.

Korean's home made instant food 'Gimbap':
rice rolled in dried laver
with ingredients in the center.

I boil water for hot tea,
by Transia Solo cookset.


In the afternoon, a strong wind
brings coldness.
The red flag is a sign of army
training camp.

MY wife is at the head and
approaches to the heliport.

An altar for sacrifice of shamanism.
A handful of people rely
on this primitive religion.

Some plents start to sprout
under neath of fallen leaves.

We arrive at our destination.
'Sansuyu(Cornus officinalis)' flowers
are in full bloom there.

My friends rest themselves,
behind the old sansuyu tree.

Tadpoles are hatched out
in rice paddy.
I wish their wellbeing
with little wild flowers. :)


  1. Hi, that azalea root, are you going to use for somthing? I know the plant, but never heard of using root.

  2. Thanks Mr.Smythe, OZme! In my country, azalea root is used of the parts of fulcrum that holds up the traditional fishing rod, the material for sculpture, and oriental medicinal herbs. I will sculpture it. :)


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