One early spring evening

Last Saterday, I cultivated a
vegitable garden in my backyard.
I picked up stones,
and made a field stove.

Mini grill, canteen cup cooker,
flint and steel

Homemade my fire start kit :
It fulfills its function. :)
I will make a leather pouch
for it.

Canteen cup cooker
matchs well the mini grill.

Homemade canteen cup lid
is somewhat agreeable to me.


  1. If the lid functions as good as it looks, it's a definite asset.

  2. Thank you, Mr.Smythe. I'm cautious in its commercial value. A good while, I want to get out of capitalism in a few domain.:)

  3. Hi there Manta

    I really like your blog. Thank you for visiting mine too.

    Keep up the good work. Your cup lid is excellent.


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