Most suitable water bottle for camping?

I find out a US army collapsible canteen
at my deposit.
I think it has potentialities for
bushcraft mode camping. :) :
The hot, wet, jungle conditions in the Vietnam War
generated requirements for new equipment.
One example was the five quart canteen
that was produced starting in 1968.
It served as a large capacity canteen
or could be inflated with air for use as a flotation device.

Its five quart(=4.73 liter) capacity is most
suitable for my one night's lodging.

But, I want to add a tap(faucet) to it.
So I make a tap.

Camelbak's hydrolock part
and urethane pipe.
The tap thrusts in the nozzle
of canteeen.

The bottle hangs up upside down,
it is convenient to pour water.

I have read 'Guns, Germs, and Steel(1998)'
written by Jared Diamond.
In the process of making tools,
I experience the human progress personally.


  1. Thanks Mr.Phillip. Your blog attracts me.

    Thanks Mr.Smythe. Your praise effects to my motivation.


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