The last cold snap

There is a wave of the last cold snap,
and a strong wind.
But we should transplant
a seeling today.

And then I widen a path through a forest.
My wife transplants some
wild flower to garden.

She needs a few shade plants.
The plants that are cultivated for market
do not have sufficient sorts
in shade plants.

Azalea flowers are
in full bloom at my backyard.
I don't sow seeds in vegetable
garden for a cold snap.

I wonder what is
the concrete construction
nearby my house.

It is a dugout.
It can accommodate about 10 people.

Big larch tree weeps resin.
I'll sap.

Exploiting larch resin,
I will make some tar adhesives,
and firing material.


  1. With imagination, I see a face near the top of the larch trunk. Was the "dugout" a war site? Cleaned out, it might make a good winter camp.

  2. Haha, it looks that way. The dugout is looking like a part of military facilities. It is 30m from my house. :)

  3. Well, you wouldn't have far go if you wussed out from the cold! {Maybe you could use it for a root cellar, or wine cellar!)

  4. That sounds a great idea! After installing a lock, I'll use it for a root cellar. Thank you. :)


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